Music Usage / Licensing

YouTube FAQs

Can I use your music in my YouTube video(s)?

Yes! All my music is free to use on YouTube but, since it's all original compositions, all my indie releases are registered on the Content ID system and the video will be de-monetized by default. This doesn't have to do with copyright strikes and doesn't affect your channel in any way; if you're not monetizing your channel or if this is fine for you feel free to use anything.

If you're a content creator and want to monetize the video I usually have no problems in releasing the claims manually and letting you do so but make sure reaching out with the contact form or at to check first:)

Which tracks are Content ID free?

Using the following songs lets you freely monetize your video if you're a content creator:

- Kaigan

- In Love with the Sky

- Camden to Chinatown

- Sons of the Dew (Album)

- Meditative Flow (Album)

P.s. Be careful if you're a promotional channel as the video might still be striked/taken down for using these, read more infos here (+)


What's the best way to credit you?

Thanks for asking this♥

If it's the only music used in your content:

Music by Raimu


If it's used together with other music:

Timestamp - Raimu - Track(s) Title - Spotify track link or 


Twitch FAQs

Can I use your music in my Twitch live stream?

Yes, you can!

The best thing for crediting us artists would be using a simple add-on that lets you show Artist - Title of the music playing, or configuring a bot to answer the !song command with that info:)

Is my channel risking a strike if I use your music?

No, don't worry.

This might remotely happen i I casually find out you run a ghost channel with 24/7 radios and making lots of subs money with uncredited music from artists:)

Is your music on "Songtrack by Twitch"?

Some of it yes! Just search for Raimu:)

Other Music FAQs

Can I use your music in a commercial project?

For licensing/commercial offers please use the contact form or reach out at

Can I sing/rap on - remix your music?

Regarding my indie releases, you may do the above mentioned things ONLY for personal projects: I'm more than happy to inspire your creativity into sing/rap/remixes of any form and I'm happy to listen to them if you send them over but I do not allow ANY use/release of such projects commercially (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc).

For what concerns Lofi Records releases, please read infos here (+)!

Time-saver hint: the answer is still "no"!

I have a question that is not answered here!

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Don't panic! Please reach out with the contact form or at :)

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